Content Terms of Service and Use

Thank you for your constant support and love for our games.

This is to state that the any work created by NTT Solmare Corporation, such as games, stories, or illustrations, is a copyrighted work exclusively belonging to us.

Any individual or association without rights is free to use our works for personal use. You may upload them to websites or SNS platforms as long as it is not for profit. However, the following actions are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Actions

  • -Excessively resizing or editing any images within our games.
  • -Uploading images or stories of our games to websites, personal blogs, or SNS platforms for the primary objective of viewing the content. (Uploading a full chapter, an entire story, or any images from the game that spoil the general plot of any story)
  • -Taking part in any activity that claims to be on the part of NTT Solmare Corporation or any of their employees.
  • -Engaging in any action that deviates or damages the reputation of our games.
  • -With the exception of images and screenshots taken from the game, any copying, scanning, sampling, tracing, etc., of any of our source content (illustrations, movies, voices, music, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Please be advised that NTT Solmare Corporation reserves the right to change the Terms of Service and Use without any prior notice. Furthermore, please be aware that we will not be held liable for any damages or consequences that may arise from failure to follow the Content Terms of Service and Use.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.